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Name: Jacqui
Age: 19
Birthdate: 1/9/84 (Aussie date u guys, so 1st Sept)
Zodiac sign: Only the very best of them all -- Virgo
Location: Sydney
5 favorite bands: Pearl Jam, Nick Toth, Pete Murray, Black Eyed Peas, Neophyte
Something special about you is: Everything ;)
Favorite season: Spring!
How did you hear about us: Browsin' through someone's journal, noted they were a member, decided to take a look...
Community/user you promoted rate_me_hot to: leanyburger</a>leanyburger : own journal - _morningstarr__morningstarr_
Pictures: Just warning u guys, it's difficult to get a good photo of me... so there aren't that many.... :\ That and a few of them were taken with a dysfunctional digital, so they're a bit fuzzy sometimes... soz!

These last two aren't too crash hot (and one isn't even my face), but I like 'em all the same :)

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